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Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology Services

The Walden Group is America’s leading private organization,  offering Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology Services.

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times for a family. It is a time of strong emotion, uncertainties, and feelings of helplessness. In the midst of this tempest of emotion, a family must still draw sufficient strength to make the many arrangements necessary for the final disposition of the deceased.   The qualified Tucson Private Autopsy & Toxicology Services of the Walden Group, LLC can help you!

Sometimes the circumstances of death are clear and unambiguous, answers are forthcoming, and the process moves forward. Healing and recovery can begin. Yet in other cases, whether the loss is sudden or expected, the surviving family may experience guilt or may have doubts about what has happened. They often experience unfamiliar feelings, including a desperate need for answers to help with closure.

Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology

Our Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology Services has a staff forensic medical examiner is a medical doctor who is board certified in forensic pathology. He has provided forensic autopsies as a state medical examiner for Coconino and Maricopa Counties in Arizona. In his capacity as a medical examiner, he has examined deceased with gunshot wounds, medical negligence injuries, suicide, and other violent and natural causes. He has testified as an expert forensic pathologist in state and federal courts.

When a client commissions a post-mortem examination through our Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology Services, our senior forensic scientist will meet with the family, obtain the required releases, and schedule the post-mortem examination. We will handle all of the details for the family and will ensure the dignity of the deceased. After meeting with family members, we will arrange for pickup and delivery to the forensic laboratory, and re-delivery of the deceased to the mortuary of choice. During the post-mortem examination, the senior forensic scientist will assist the forensic pathologist in the collection and documentation of any evidence of forensic value.

Tucson Private Autopsy and Toxicology Services Offered

  • Medicolegal, Hospital and Family requested autopsies
  • Trace Evidence Collection
  • Toxicology
  • Neuropathology
  • Postmortem Sexual Assault Examination
  • Case Reviews
  • Expert Witness Testimony