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Tucson Polygraph Testing

Tucson Polygraph Testing is conducted by The Truth Verification Division performs Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of Deception or Polygraph. Polygraph analysis is performed as part of background investigations and loyalty investigations, as well as for theft, sabotage, espionage, burglary, homicide, and for other serious crimes.

We have three full time polygraph examiners that conduct Tucson Polygraph Testing.  We hold membership in a variety of organizations, including full membership in the American Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association.  The polygraph examiners have over seventy five years of combined experience.

Tucson Polygraph Testing

Forensic polygraph has become a highly efficient technique to resolve issues that otherwise may go unanswered. Modern polygraph instruments are sophisticated devices that are interfaced with computers to allow for objective statistical analysis of polygraph charts.

Computerized polygraph technology has advanced the reliability and validity of polygraph testing.  Polygraph examiners can now have polygraph charts digitally analyzed for statistical analysis using law enforcement / counterintelligence templates.

The Federal Polygraph Act does not preclude an employer from utilizing the polygraph although there are specific federal guidelines that must be adhered to during employment type polygraph testing. We are able to provide the necessary releases to allow your organization to proceed with such testing, when the need exists.


All of our polygraph examiners have graduated from accredited schools, and all hold advanced degrees in criminology, forensic science, and criminal justice. Our chief polygraph examiner has over thirty years of polygraph experience and has administered thousands polygraph examinations. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Forensic Science, and a Doctorate in Psychology. He has attended advance workshops in psychophysiology / psychology and served on the faculty of several colleges and universities. He has testified as an expert in federal and state courts, and administrative hearings.

Services For Businesses and Employers

Tucson Polygraph Testing – We Provide Services To Businesses and Employers

Pre-Employment Screening:
The use of pre-employment polygraph is restricted to specific private industries and government agencies. Contact us to find out if your business is allowed to use pre-employment polygraph screening of applicants. Loss / Theft Investigation:
When your business is suffering from a loss or theft it is critical to identify those responsible and clear innocent employees of any suspicion. We will assist you in maintaining compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act so your management can use this valuable tool.

Services For Attorneys

We Offer our Tucson Polygraph Testing Services For Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorneys. Our Services Are Private Under Attorney – Client Confidence. Our Services Can Be Performed At Your Office Or Ours. Testing Can Be Coordinated At Detention Facilities. We Are Available For Federal Or State Court Appointment.

Criminal Defense

  • Pre-Indictment: A sucessful polygraph examination might offer the aggressive defense needed to avoid the filing of formal charges.
  • Post-Indictment: A positive polygraph examination result can provide bargining power to convince a prosecutor to drop charges or enter into plea negotiations.
  • Witnesses: Are your defense witnesses credible?
  • Sentencing: A polygraph examination could be used to support your mitigation arguments.
  • Rule 32 Protection: Have you really done everything you could to verify your client’s claims? A polygraph examination can be an important part of your due diligence in case preparation.

Civil Litigation

  • Claims Verification: Polygraph evidence can be used to verify your client’s claims when other evidence is unavailable.
  • Regulatory Boards: Polygraph evidence can be offered to address charges filed before regulatory boards when your client’s profession is at stake.

Services For Immigrations Attorneys

Our polygraph examiner is certified as an Immigrations Credibility Assessment Registered Examiner (I-CARE) and is specially qualified to assist in your immigrations case preparation. Polygraph evidence has been accepted by Asylum Officers and Immigrations Judges. Our examiner is available to provide expert testimony per Federal Rule of Evidence 702

Asylum (I-589) & Parole:  Our polygraph examiners can verify your client’s information to provide proof that exceeds the preponderance of the evidence you need for a successful outcome.

Verification of Claims:  In cases of alleging Political or Religious Persecution, Violence Against Women, Marriage Fraud, Torture, Terrorism, Human Trafficking, and Dream Act Considerations we can verify your clients claims the same polygraph techniques utilized by the Federal government.

Protect Your Law Practice:  Insulate your law practice against government claims of collusion, fraud, or suborning perjury by employing U.S. Government validated methods.